Here at Drain Doctor we understand how Septic Tank systems work. We are experts in both the maintenance of existing systems and installation of new systems. We can upgrade existing Septic Tank systems to ensure tthat they do not pollute the water table.Drain Doctor can carry out ground forosity tests and if necessary lay down new soak away or nitrification fields. All work is carried out in accordance with current building regulations. We can audit existing Septic Tank systems to ensure that they have the right bacterial balance within the system. We also sell products to re-dress any bacterial imbalance within the system.


Increasingly local authorities are requiring that both new build and building restorers install treatment plants to dispose of waste water. Once fitted, the treatment plant discharge is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the discharge does not exceed consent limits.

Drain Doctor Bournemouth are treatment plant experts. We can help with treatment plant design, installation and maintenance.



Many people are becoming increasingly aware that using water from gutters is natural, is good for the environment and is also good for garden flowers and vegetables.

Drain Doctor can fit a Rainwater Harvesting System which can take the rainwater from the gutters and store it until it can be used at a later date. Both businesses and homes can save money on metered water bills by reusing the water that falls from the sky.

In both new builds and also in major refurbishment projects, Drain Doctor Bournemouth can advise on the most suitable grey water systems for the project.




Rainwater Harvesting Systems Poole

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Dorset

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